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When it comes to securing your workplace and staff from the potential threats of COVID-19, our dedicated COVID marshals can help. If you are looking to hire a trained COVID-19 Marshal, reach out to Guard1 Security.

With a trained team, we make sure your workplace and events are COVID safe at all times. We are committed to protecting the community by monitoring your site’s compliance according to the safety plan formulated by the government.

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What We Do?

Our skilled COVID marshals are always on the lookout for ways to continually improve your facility’s action plan to tackle the virus, including fulfilling the hygiene & cleaning requirements. We assist with:

COVID-19 Safety Implementation Training

We ensure our clients get to hire skilled COVID marshals that will keep a check on the safety plan and implement it. With us, you can rest assured as our trained marshals ensure all patrons adhere to the COVID restrictions formulated by the local government. Our staff are trained in:

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