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Retail shopping centres are usually an easy target by intruders, especially due to multiple entrances and highly crowded areas. We have a team of retail centre security guards who are well equipped and trained to ensure round the clock security across the shopping centre. We keep a close check on all entrances and exits and protect your retail property from loss and stolen inventory, trespassing, as well as other unwanted activity. Site requirements are tailor made to meet the needs of our client and the protection of their staff, patrons and stakeholders.

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We provide an array of security solutions for shops, retail stores, department stores, shopping malls and chain stores.

Our retail security services include:

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With years of industry experience and a team of reliable retail security guards, we are ready to protect your premises. We provide 24/7 access control and follow security measures to help you rest with peace of mind knowing that your retail property or shopping centre is in safe hands. Some reasons to choose us are:

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