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With a rise in retail loss and theft cases, it is paramount for retail store owners to hire the services of a trained loss prevention team to control theft and unauthorized access. If you are in need of reliable retail loss prevention officers, rely on our team at Guard1 Security.

Our officers not only deter robbery and theft but also provide services to enhance each customer’s experience at a retail facility. With our industry-leading training programs, we offer one of the immensely trained loss prevention officers to secure your property.

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What We Do?

When you hire one of our security officers, we’ll work directly with you to prevent theft by closely monitoring surveillance cameras, providing uniformed or undercover officers and keeping a watchful eye on customers as they shop. Some of our loss prevention responsibilities include:

Why Choose Us?

By hiring Guard1 Security, we protect your retail business from direct loss due to theft and damage. Our retail loss professionals can help protect your store while training your staff on how to prevent theft and trade loss. We are proudly helping local businesses by providing:

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