What Is the Role of Security Patrol Guards?

What Is the Role of Security Patrol Guards?

The priority goal of a patrol guard is to keep the area secure. The first time a security patrolling is conducted, security concern is to prevent intrusions in a property; the second time it is to ensure that the safety equipment or nearby machinery is secure and operational; the third time to recheck for intrusions and breaches of the work site and so forth.

It is crucial to have a thorough understanding or inspection of the area to be patrolled. The security guard should keep a track of telephones, water shutoff valves, electrical and alarm panels, light switches, and emergency lighting before entering the building.

For instance, a security officer is responsible for:

  • Deterring the trespassers
  • Aid those in need of help
  • Keep an eye on all equipment
  • Ensure the security of company assets
  • Stop thefts and other incidents
  • Keep an eye on public security issues

It is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the geography of the area to be patrolled. Not only this, a guard should be aware of the best escape routes in case of an emergency, choosing the shortest, most direct route with the fewest potential dangers.


Mobile patrol security officers patrol the area, keep an eye on the cameras, check the buildings, equipment, and entrance points, and either allow or deny access to intruders.


They stop loss and harm by reporting non-conformities, warning people who disobey the rules, and then restraining trespassers. This helps in ensuring no thefts and losses.


Security guards on patrol have the authority to issue a warning for trespassing, give ticket, or detain violators. They have to generate reports on all patrolling outcomes.


They guarantee that the security equipment is functional by doing the required preventative maintenance, following the manufacturer’s instructions, troubleshooting, and calling for repairs.

So, these were some of the important roles that a security patrolling guard undertakes when it comes to securing a premise. If you want to hire a patrol guard to keep a check on the security of your premise day and night, please contact Guard1 Security.