Know The Difference Between Concierge And Security Guards!

Know The Difference Between Concierge And Security Guards!

Recently, the concept of a concierge has grown in popularity, and many hotels and resorts now provide this service to their visitors.

Most frequently found in hotels, concierges are frequently thought of as the visitors’ helpers. They inform hotel visitors about the establishment they are staying at, make reservations for their tours and excursions, and if requested, even deliver gifts like flowers to the guest’s room.

On the other hand, a typical security guard is considerably more concerned with defending property than stationing themselves in one location. Unless a problem needs to be resolved, such as a guest who has overstayed their welcome or disobeyed hotel rules, they often do not interact with guests at all.

 Job Description Of Security Guard

The duties of a security guard might vary significantly based on the sort of establishment they are employed for, but there are some universal duties that all guards must complete.

These include checking IDs at various intervals throughout the night where it may be necessary, monitoring the area to ensure everything is in order, and alerting superiors to any suspect conduct.

Some sites may have a bigger workforce of security guards who operate in teams or pairs, with each officer in charge of a particular building area to which they are delegated.

Job Description Of Concierge

Due to their exceptional people abilities, concierges make every hotel where they work come alive.

A concierge’s major duties include interacting with big groups of strangers; thus, they must have an outgoing personality and feel at ease doing so.

Depending on the hotel’s services, their responsibilities may vary. Still, they are typically expected to tell guests about the hotel and its surroundings, make reservations for guests (tours or excursions) and even offer non-emergency medical treatment if necessary.

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