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GUARD1 SECURITY is customer service focused and provides fully Licenced, experienced, reliable, and professionally trained security guards and crowd controllers across Geelong. Our team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to provide you with the Security Services you require, no matter how big or small.

GUARD1 SECURITY is also a proud member of ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited) and complies with all required industry standards and code of ethics.

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Services we offer in Geelong


GUARD1 SECURITY is a huge name for providing high-quality security services in Geelong. Be it a large venue or a small private party that requires a more intimate approach, we have the expertise and capability of meeting all requirements.


GUARD1 SECURITY provides complete patrol services in overt and covert vehicles to building sites across the Geelong as well as to schools nearby. Our patrols are a formidable asset in the prevention and deterrence to criminal activity. With a track record of attention to detail.


GUARD1 SECURITY provides fully licensed, experienced, reliable, and professionally trained security guards to ensure that your business is safe and secure. Our guards are there to protect your premises through the prevention of such things as theft, water & fire damage, vandalism, trespassing, and any other illicit behaviour.


At GUARD1 SECURITY we provide licensed, uniformed Mobile Patrol Officer’s in a company patrol vehicle to visit your premises on a routine or random basis 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our Mobile patrols are a cost-effective way of having a visual and physical presence, to move unauthorized people off-site, prevent theft and Vandalism, etc.


GUARD1 SECURITY is currently providing teams of professional security officers with advanced knowledge and skills in communication, PPE and clean and dirty health area security management. We are providing COVID special security services in Geelong.


With our investigative backgrounds in law enforcement, and as licenced investigators, we provide our corporate and private clients with a range of investigation services, Be it surveillance, loss prevention, tracking and identification, for business or private clients, GUARD1 SECURITY achieves results quickly through fully understanding each task, and through the provision of intelligence analysis prior to and during the deployment of our assets. We are one of the top-rated security agency for carrying out investigations in Geelong


Be it a major shopping center, VIP clients, small independent store or event, GUARD1 SECURITY provides loss control services suitable to all facets of operations. GUARD1 SECURITY clients in the Geelong region appreciate the extra mile we go to ensure their businesses, events, stores and personnel are protected.