Corporate Security Concierge Services

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Concierge service is an integral aspect of corporate security. It combines the ideals of concierge and security, providing you with the benefits of both roles. We use our expertise to problem solve any unpleasant and/or unsafe behaviour in a diplomatic manner to ensure the safety of the patrons. We are equally trained in the details of the building so that we are able to advise and direct patrons to their desired location.

At Guard1 Security, our concierge professionals are here with the sole purpose of serving corporate clients in every possible way. We are trained and skilled in providing high-class security solutions to help you manage your commercial or business functionalities efficiently.

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Role of Our Security Concierge

From security management to handling emergency situations, our concierge team undergoes intricate training sessions for each location to ensure that they are well equipped with the site-specific details. Here are some of the significant roles that are performed by our concierge professionals:

What Makes Us Different?

At Guard1 Security, our corporate security concierge focuses on attention to detail and client satisfaction. Our dedication to our clients and quality service is the force that drives us towards excellence. An example of the qualities that make us unique and the first choice of corporate clients are:

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