4 Wise Security Tips From Our Expert Retail Store Guards!

4 Wise Security Tips From Our Expert Retail Store Guards!

Are you concerned about your retail store security? Did you previously fell victim to a theft or burglary? If so, follow the best security practices at your facility or hire a trained retail security guard in Melbourne who can keep the theft attempts at bay. With proper crowd control and floor walking, security guards can ensure a safe experience for shoppers and staff members alike.

Here are some easy and proven tips to ensure safety and security at your retail store:

  1. Allow Limited Number Of Visitors At A Time

Given the current scenario where social distance is practised wholly, retailers should allow only a limited number of people to be inside their shops. Also, having a retail security guard deployed at the store entrance can help enforce health and safety measures and prevent potential risks for thefts.

  1. Showcase Limited Items On Display

To encourage an anti-theft prespective, all retail store owners are advised to display a less number of valuable items that have a high risk of being stolen. In case you want to showcase some amazing masterpieces to attract more customers, make sure a guard is there to keep a hawk’s eye on your expensive catalogue.

  1. Consider Floor Walkers To Prevent Theft

When there’s a person walking all over the floor, keeping a close eye on the movements made by customers, distraction thefts can be avoided to a great extent. Assigning multiple security guards and staff to monitor different corners of the store can discreetly help in keeping the thefts at bay.

  1. Make Sure Stores’ Backdoor Has Security Alarm

Most of the time, simple investments done for security can return great outcomes. Chances are that when the staff is extremely busy and a good crowd is present, anyone can sneak into the storerooms. To avoid this unauthorized entry, consider installing a security alarm on the door entrance.

So, these are some easy yet proven security tips that can help a retail store business in avoiding potential thefts and safety risks. If you want to ensure 24/7 security of your retail store or corporate premise, consider enrolling full-time security guards in your staff. Guard1 Security has a team of experienced professionals who are ready to safeguard your premise, just like their own.